Checklist: Contract of employment

  1. Is this a permanent contract or a fixed-term contract?
  2. Full-time or part-time employee?

(Make sure you are using the correct contract form for the intended employment relationship)

  1. Have ALL the spaces in the contract been filled in?
  2. Have the sections that are not applicable been deleted?
  3. If a fixed-term contract, is the period three months or less?
  4. If it is a fixed-term contract for more than three months, or for a project with an unspecified period, have you specified the reason for the fixed-term in the contract?
  5. Has the employee signed the contract?
  6. Has the employee’s signature been witnessed?
  7. Has the contract been signed by an authorised person on behalf of the employer?
  8. Has the employer’s signature been witnessed?
  9. Have both parties and the witnesses initialled any alterations, including any deletions and each place where a blank space has been completed?
  10. Has the employee been given a copy of the signed contact?
  11. If applicable, has the employee been given copies of the disciplinary policy / procedure / code / grievance procedure?
  12. Has the employee been given copies or access to any other applicable policies?
  13. Has the employee signed an acknowledgement of receipt for the above policies?
  14. Has the employer filed the original contract in a safe place?
  15. Has the employer arranged an induction process for the employee?
  16. Remember to give the employee appropriate instruction, guidance, counselling, training and evaluation during the probation period.
  17. Remember to do a final evaluation before the end of the probation period, and decide whether or not you want to confirm the employee’s appointment.
  18. If the employer wants to terminate employment or extend the probation period, first give the employee an opportunity to make representations, with the assistance of a fellow employee or a trade union representative (shop steward). Assistance by a trade union official only applies if a trade union has been granted organisational rights to have elected shop stewards for this purpose. A trade union representative who does not satisfy this criterion may only assist an employee if s/he is a fellow employee.

Table of comparison: Employment contracts

How to manage an employee who is on probation

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